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Achieving the Biker Look

Whether you own a genuine Harley-Davidson motorcycle or just like the fashion associated with biker culture there are a number of ways you can accessorize to achieve an authentic Harley look. Leather is the material of choice for most bikers because genuine cowhide provides a second layer of skin for added protection when riding and the all black look is synonymous with classic biker culture. From vests and jackets to chaps, boots and gloves dressing the part of a serious biker is easy to do. 

Biker culture has steadily increased in popularity over the years and now Harley-Davidson is a mainstream brand name manufacturing everything from fat hog choppers to baby clothing gift sets. This newfound appreciation of the motorcycle lifestyle has spawned a whole sub-culture of people who don't necessarily ride but like the look of those that do. Black leather jackets with studs, engineer boots and vests are just some of the gear that is favored by motorcycle enthusiasts and with the right combination you too can dress the part of a classic rebel.

Of course, going overboard with the leather will make you look like that guy from the Village People and if it's too ostentatious most bikers will know you're not one of them. Being subtle in your selections and accessorizing light will give you a genuine look that can fit in casual settings, bars and billiard rooms.

First off is the jacket. Leather jackets have been a symbol of bikers and rebellion ever since Marlon Brando roared off the silver screen in "The Wild One". From track bike racers to the infamous Hells Angels a black leather jacket is the quintessential garment for any serious biker. Leather jackets come in all types including basic cowhide leather jackets to those with adornments such as tassels, zippers and studs. Men usually go for the no-frills jacket and women who are into the biker scene often opt for the fringes but no matter what model you pick a standard black leather jacket will partially initiate you into the gang. 

The leather jacket is a traditional part of biker culture but now leather jackets are everywhere so if you want to distinguish your biker allegiance a little more consider a genuine cowhide leather biker vest. Great for men and women leather biker vests are tough clothing accessories that give the wearer an edge. Great leather vests can be found with classic biker designs on the back including American flags, Confederate flags and POW memorial patches. Be careful when selecting designs and patches because some biker gangs take their colors very seriously and you don't want to mix yourself up in a group that you have nothing in common with. Remember, biker culture may be a fad but for many it's a way of life and some take offense to the commercialization of their symbols. When looking for biker gear try keeping it simple and plain so you won't get in too deep with the wrong crowd.

If you really want to add an accessory to your outfit that will show your loyalty to the biker scene consider genuine cowhide leather biker boots that will let everyone know you don't take attitude from no one. Great biker boots can be found in sturdy models including engineer boots, steel toe boots and knee length riding boots. The sound of these bad boys stomping across the floor will make everyone take notice. Boots are the preferred footwear for motorcyclists everywhere and without a pair you just won't make the cut. Men and women who want to carry the biker look should definitely look into a genuine pair of leather boots to make the outfit complete.