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Benefits of Handmade Shoes Over Ready-Made Shoes

The shoes you wear can tell a lot about your personality. So, you need to be careful when selecting a shoe. We have ready-made shoes and handmade shoes. The majority of people prefer off-the-shelf shoes to handmade shoes. Although handmade shoes are very expensive, they enjoy many benefits over machine-made shoes. If you want to know why some people like to buy handcrafted footwear, just keep reading.

Generally, when shoes are ready-made, this means that everything is predetermined according to a specific standard. However, when shoes are handmade, this means that everything will be determined as per the desire of the customer. Apart from the price, handcrafted shoes have a lot of advantages over ready-to-wear ones. Here are some advantages:


We live in a very competitive world where every company tends to stick to the mass production technique because it is the most profitable approach. In mass production, errors are often unavoidable and hence, there is some degradation of the quality. Absolutely, most people go for factory-made footwear and they depend on well-known brands to get the required quality. However, shoes that are handmade enjoy a better quality and this is why they are more expensive.


Both machine-made and custom-made footwear are made from a wide range of materials like vinyl, leather, rubber, plastic, canvas and you are targeting maximum performance, then a pair of made-to-order shoes is the right decision. When you place an order for a shoe, you have a broad selection of materials and of course, you can choose to have a shoe that is made from high quality leather that comes from animals. This type of leather is pliable, soft, and enjoys certain degree of stretch. Moreover, it is easy-to-maintain. On the other hand, ready-made shoes may not meet your preferences in terms of the materials used.


Handmade shoes are unique in designs because they are designed according to the requirements of the customer.

For people with Medical Conditions

Besides the above mentioned benefits, ready-made shoes are not suitable for people with special medical conditions. Having made-to-measure shoes is the right choice for those who are suffering from flat feet. Those people will not feel well when wearing ready-to-wear shoes. They need a shoe that is tailored according to certain specifications. This is the only way to achieve the best performance and the ultimate satisfaction.


Handmade shoes will not let you down. They are very costly, but they worth the money. Handcrafted footwear provides customers with great benefits.