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From The Tannery to the Retail Shop, Its Ecco Footwear All The W

With so many companies out to make a quick buck these days it is often difficult to purchase well made quality products that are designed to last more than a few weeks or months. That is why it is so surprising that a shoe company could be so dedicated to quality they continue to hold themselves and only themselves responsible for every aspect of the shoe manufacturing process. However, there is one Danish company that does and in doing so has made their shoes the choice of millions of people around the world.

How can a company set and keep such high standards? Simple, they own the companies that are involved in every step of the shoe making products. From the designers that design each and every shoe in the various collections, to the tanneries that make the leather, to the factories that stitch together the shoes. There is no time the footwear is out of the company's hands or control until it reaches the retail shelf. It's the way this company has been making shoes for almost 50 years and judging by the quality and popularity of these shoes it will be the way they will be making shoes for the next fifty years.

Even more amazing is that this company does not just design one or two types of shoes for a niche market but, rather designs entire lines of shoes for men, women, children, infants and toddlers. They design dress shoes, shoes for casual wear, slipper, sandals, dress boots, winter boots, outdoor footwear, footwear for runners and even golfers. And the same high quality and eye for detail goes into the making of every shoe for every age, sex and use.

The company is Ecco footwear and they base their reputation each and every day on every single pair of shoes this company manufacturers. There is no passing the buck here, no excuses of having to deal with poor quality materials or factors that cannot meet their quotas or have slip shod workmanship. Because they own every part of the production process they are able to maintain the high standards that they set for themselves 48 years ago and it is a very high standard indeed.

Because of their commitment to quality and their high standards in making great fitting, comfortable and stylish shoes this company has been able to extend its boundaries well beyond Denmark making them a world class company with their footwear being sold throughout the world. Their shoes do not come cheap because good quality never does but, these shoes are made to last and in the final analysis they are simply one of the best shoe deals you can get.

No matter where you live, chances are good that if you want a well made comfortable and stylish shoe, boot, sandal or other type of footwear then you can find a retailer that sells Ecco footwear where you live. Ecco a name that echoes around the world!