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Serving-Up the Osiris Serve

Of all the shoes crafted by Osiris, none have the spunk or daringness of the Serve. Osiris is known for mixing uniquely-styled designs inspired from different generations with comfort and durability in their shoes, to attract young (and sometimes not-so-young) adults to wear them.

The Serve comes in many designs. The original is more plain that the rest, but has the same features that are included in its more vibrant counterparts. The most popular style of Serve offered by Osiris is the Abel Series, which is inspired by graffiti art, with the name of the company drawn in. The Maxx 242 Series is more gothic and sets itself apart from the Abel with its white on black color scheme including skulls, a must have for heavy metal fans and darker skating enthusiasts. The Icons are extremely popular, featuring the Osiris logo stitched into the back of the quarter panels, and come in several style differentiations and color combinations suitable for women and men alike. The Bomber Series is a limited edition series of the Osiris Serve, featuring the shark head reminiscent of an old World War II bomber, with cartoonish skeletons and military stars. With all these different designs, it is no wonder that both men and women flock like hungry sheep around the Osiris Serve.

Constructed with performance and durability in the forefront of its concept design, first-and-foremost, the Osiris Serve offers a soft and reliable skating shoe inclusive of a thermo-molded plastic toe shield, with padded insoles and EVA midsoles, for optimum absorption of impacts while skating. Osiris patented the Super Grip, which allows the skater to stay firmly gripped to the board, even if the grit on its surface is worn out, ridding the wearer of the embarrassment of losing the board mid-air. These are often considered the most comfortable sneakers available to both street and vert skaters, and are even worn by people who have never touched a board in their life.

With their increasing affordability without sacrificed style, comfort, durability, or safety, Adio, C1RCA, DC, and others are up against a viable competitor in the Osiris Serve.

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